Eurokids 24 News: Summary of our project

EuroKids 24 News

Eurokids 24 News: resumen de nuestro proyecto

EuroKids 24 News

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01 - What is EuroKids 24h News?

“EuroKids 24h News” is an Erasmus + project designed to create an international channel news controlled by students based in eight European schools in France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Spain, which they will use school radio and newspaper to publish their news about different topics: everyday life at school, local news, national news and international news, as well as news about other topics, such as climate change, refugees, poverty, etc.

Students will publish their oral and written piece of news both in their native language, German, Italian, etc. and in the foreign language they are learning, mainly English, so both students and adults from their national countries and other European schools can access the news and share them worldwide.

Online school radios will be mainly created through the radio broadcaster, so radio shows are both available live through the internet or easily available through radio podcast channels (iTunes, iVoox, etc.) looking for EuroKids 24h News.

Online newspapers will be published either in English in the international project blog, or on the local blogs on each school nationals blog (i.e.,, etc.)

The main reasons to carry out this project in an international way are: first exchanging experiences about school radio and newspaper with other European schools; second using media to research and exchange cultural facts and information about the countries participating in the project; third, and finally motivating the students to communicate with other students using the foreign language.

The main methodology principles we will use when working with students in this project are: project based learning, learner centred approach, cooperative and collaborative work and finally integrating new technologies and media in the learning/teaching process.

See you soon and keep tuned!

EuroKids 24h Teachers team